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Calls included with your mobile plan

If you have a mobile phone plan, the monthly price may include some calls or charges. These are usually described as ‘included value’ or ‘credits’.

Many telcos offer plans with unlimited numbers of calls. They usually tell you which types of calls are unlimited.

They may offer included value instead of unlimited.

Included value may be for:

  • a dollar value (a cap on the total amount you have to pay)
  • a certain number of text messages
  • the number of minutes you can use to make calls
  • free calls to landlines or mobiles on the same service

Some telcos let the value or credit roll over to the next month if you have not used it. Others give the included value an expiry date, such as 30 or 60 days.

For prepaid phones, any extra value is usually added when you recharge your service. If you go over your credits and have not bought more, your telco may disconnect you.

For post-paid services, you may see included value information on your monthly bills. If you use more than your included value limit, the telco will charge you extra. Check your phone settings to set up an alert when you have used almost all of your value.

For all plans, be aware that some numbers are not included. You may have to pay extra for:

  • international calls
  • calls to 13/1300 and 18/1800 numbers
  • mobile premium services
  • text messages

If you’re not sure what your plan includes, read the Critical Information Summary

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