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Cabling advice forms

If you work as a cabler, you must understand how and when to complete the telecommunications cabling advice forms. You must also know what to do with them when they are complete.

This is a requirement of the Cabling Provider Rules.

TCA1 form

You must sign this form every time you finish a job for a customer. It tells your customer what work you have done and confirms that you have followed the standards.

Download TCA1 form 

How to complete TCA1

Complete all sections of the form.

  1. Print clearly.
  2. Describe the type and location of the work; for example, room, floor, section, department, building.
  3. Give the customer a copy of the signed form.
  4. If you have an employer, give them a copy of the signed form.
  5. Keep a copy for at least 12 months. You will need to provide these copies to inspectors or auditors from the ACMA if they ask you. If you have an employer, you can ask them to keep your TCA1 forms on your behalf but you are still responsible for them.

You do not need to complete a TCA1 form in these two situations:

1. Your invoice or business documentation contains all TCA1 form information.

To avoid extra paperwork, you may choose to:

  • add the signed TCA1 declaration section to the electronic version of your invoice
  • use a rubber stamp on a printed invoice to add the signed declaration section

This information must be available to ACMA inspectors or auditors if they ask for it.

2. You have completed a small cabling job.

'Small' cabling job means:

  • replacing sockets, detectors (for fire and security alarms)
  • replacing other minor cabling equipment for maintenance purposes
  • running, transposing and removing jumpers on distribution frames
  • marking, replacing and upgrading cabling records
  • all testing and transmission measurement activities

Even when a TCA1 form is not required, the cabler needs to be registered to undertake small jobs. The Wiring Rules and all other cabling provider rules still apply.

TCA2 form

This form does not replace form TCA1, it is an optional addition.

Download TCA2 form

Use the TCA2 form if you notice any non-compliant cable installations. Complete the form and give it to the customer or the building manager, even if this is:

  • a pre-existing issue
  • outside the contracted scope of work

You can issue this form:

  • before you begin any work, with a quotation
  • after you complete the cabling job, if something needs attention

How to complete TCA2

  1. Show which issues you have noticed (column 1).
  2. Decide how urgently the customer should address the issue (column 2).
  3. Print clearly in black ink.
  4. Give the customer the completed form. You are not required to keep a copy.
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