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Change or renew your cabling registration

Ensure your cabling registration is always up to date.

Change your contact details

If your phone number, address or name changes, you must contact your registrar (not the ACMA) and let them know within 21 days.

Complete new training

You may need to change your registration if you complete more training that allows you to:

  • work on specialist cabling (for example, broadband, optical fibre, aerial cable)
  • change from a restricted to an open registration type

Contact your registrar and show them proof that you have completed the training. They will add the competency (or endorsement) to your registration. 

Renew your registration

You can choose to register for 1 or 3 years. Your registrar will remind you to renew, so remember to keep your contact details up to date.

If you forget when your registration is due, ask your registrar or search for your details in their directory: Registrars' contact details.

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