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Annual fee for phone numbers

Phone numbers are a public resource, so we charge telcos a fee every year for the numbers they use to provide their services.

As a telco, make sure your contact details are up to date in our numbering system so we can send you important information about the fee.

The rules

The rules for the Annual Numbering Charge (ANC) are in the Telecommunications (Annual Charge) Determination 2014.

We set a census date every year. We look at certain phone numbers you have in our numbering system on that date and charge you for them.

You can minimise your total cost. Before the census date, use our numbering system to surrender any numbers you don’t want.

The ANC fee we charge depends on the length of the number. You may pass the fee onto customers, but the fee must match the fee we set for their type of number.

Phone numbers the fee doesn't apply to

The fee applies to certain numbers. It applies whether your have or haven't given the numbers to customers.

The fee does not apply to:

  • geographic numbers
  • community service numbers
  • telex numbers
  • international signalling point codes
  • mobile network codes
  • carriage service provider identification codes (14XY codes)
  • international access codes (4 and 5 digits in length only)
  • virtual private network access codes
  • international access codes that come into the country (4 and 5 digits in length only)

We charge these numbers at a reduced rate:

  • testing service numbers
  • internal network service numbers
  • international access codes that come into the country (more than 5 digits in length)

ANC dates for 2024

The last day you can surrender non-standard blocks of numbers is 18 March 2024.

The last day you can surrender standard blocks of numbers is 6 April 2024.

The census date is 7 April 2024.

You need to upload port-out reports between 7 and 23 April 2024.

You need to upload charge redistribution reports between 24 and 26 April 2024.

We send invoices and statements via email in early May 2024. You can access these through our numbering system.

The payment deadline is 15 June 2024 (with a minimum 30-day payment period). There is a late payment penalty if you pay after the deadline.


Fee amounts

Our revenue target for 2024 is $60 million.

We calculate the fee based on the amount of phone numbers in our numbering system and using the formula in the Telecommunications (Annual Charge) Determination 2014.

The table below shows the fee for a 10-digit number each year.

Year Fee for 10-digit number (AUD$)
2024 0.5947598976
2023 0.6080904673
2022 0.6110197721
2021 0.6083784172
2020 0.6146281626
2019 0.6309243135
2018 0.6369583151
2017 0.6401320208
2016 0.6462399342
2015 0.6546107700
2014 0.6775239350
2013 0.6602585277
2012 0.6790342217
2011 0.6946386328
2010 0.7850547171
2009 0.8097682824
2008 0.8213113119
2007 0.8615326398
2006 0.9087050663
2005 0.9460932785


What happens if you don't pay

If you don't pay the fee that applies to your phone numbers, we can withdraw your numbers.

There are late fees if you don't pay the fee on time. 

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