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Cabling complaints

All communications cabling work must be performed by a registered cabler. If a cabler is registered, they will have a card which proves that they can legally perform cabling work and must be undertaken in accordance with Australian Standard AS/CA S009:2013 Installation requirements for customer cabling (Wiring Rules).

The Wiring Rules define the technical requirements for the installation or repair of cabling that is connected to a telecommunications network.

The Wiring Rules cover cabling practice sufficient to ensure that the installation or normal use of the cabling does not expose cablers or customers to any dangers and/or adversely affect the telecommunications network.

The ACMA does not regulate quality of work.

If you are unhappy with cabling work completed in your home or office, you should:

  1. contact the Australian business or cabling provider and

  2. if a resolution cannot be reached, contact the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA). The ACMA can only act if the cabler is not appropriately registered or if the wiring rules have been breached.

You can also refer the matter to the office of consumer affairs or fair trading in your state or territory.

Any complaints about a cabler or cabling work should be reported to the ACMA.

Please use this form if you wish to lodge a complaint about:

  • an unregistered cabler who is performing cabling work; or
  • non-compliant work that has been performed by a registered cabler.

Last updated: 18 December 2018