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13/1300/1800 call charges

How are calls charged?

The cost of a call to a 13/1300 and 18/1800 number depends on:

  • the type of phone you are calling from; for example, mobile, landline, payphone
  • the telephone company that provides your telephone service
  • the call plan you have chosen.

The following table shows how calls to 13/1300 and 18/1800 numbers are typically charged from different phone types.

 Phone type

 Type of number called/charge



 Landline to

 Fixed—low charge


 Mobile to

 Timed—rates vary

Timed—rates vary 

 Payphones to

 Fixed—low charge

 Free or low charge

Free calls for mobiles to 18/1800 numbers are being introduced by mobile telephone companies. Your mobile telephone company can advise whether this change has been made.

Charges for calls to 13/1300 numbers from landline and mobile phones are different. If you have any queries about call costs check with your telephone company.

Included value mobile plans

Many mobile phone plans include calls to 13/1300 in a monthly allowance. These plans are called included value mobile plans. A monthly allowance is usually a dollar amount per month that you can spend on calls and text messages (SMS). Provided you do not exceed your allowance you should pay no more for calls to 13/1300.

If you make many calls to 13/1300 numbers or very long calls to one of these numbers there may be benefits in choosing included value mobile plans.

Can I get a 13/1300 or 1800 number for my business?

1300/13 and 18/1800 numbers are provided to businesses by many phone companies.

A fee may be charged for providing you with one of these numbers, including the cost of receiving calls and any other associated services.

What's the difference between 18/1800 and 1300/13 numbers for my business?

  • 18/1800 numbers—are paid by the business owner of the number
  • 1300/13 numbers—costs are shared by the caller and the business.

These numbers are a good way to attract business from anywhere in Australia. However, if calls come from outside your local call area you may be charged at long-distance rates.

To minimise costs, only market your 13/1300 or 18/1800 number in areas you provide services.

More information

For more information about calls to 13/1300 and 18/1800 numbers, contact the ACMA's Industry Services and Numbering Section on (03) 9963 6800 or numbering@acma.gov.au.

Please note: this document is intended as a guide only and should not be relied on as legal advice or regarded as a substitute for legal advice in individual cases.

Last updated: 17 December 2012