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Renting and building owners

There are obligations on renters and building owners that you need to be aware of prior to arranging the migration of services to the NBN.

I’m renting—what do I have to do to get connected to the NBN?

If you rent, you’ll need approval from your landlord to have NBN equipment (the Network Termination Device) installed in the premises. Like installation of any new infrastructure to your property, you should discuss connection to the NBN with your landlord (or property manager), as well as your preferred service provider.

I live in an apartment (or other multi-dwelling premises)—how do I get connected?

NBN Co will advise the building owners, body corporate or authorised representatives of your building when the rollout is about to commence in your street. If you are a building owner, body corporate or authorised representative, please see NBN Co’s website to register your information with NBN Co. Be sure to register your address to be emailed important information, like when your area becomes NBN ready and when your area will be disconnected from the existing network.

When your area becomes NBN ready, you will have 18 months before the existing network is switched off. If you don’t migrate your services to the NBN, you will no longer have access to landline phones or internet services. *# 

If you have questions about your rights as a tenant, you should seek advice from a tenants’ advice service or union. Your rights may vary in different states and territories.

Become informed, migrate early and stay connected.

* There are some types of services (typically special business services) that are exempt from the managed disconnection process. For more information on see Telstra’s special services and exemptions pages.

# The Telstra telephone network in fixed wireless and satellite areas will not be switched off until at least 2032.

Building owners, strata managers and body corporates should register their contact details at the following links:

NBN Co and its construction partners will be in touch with you as the rollout gets underway.

For apartment blocks, unit blocks, retail complexes, commercial, industrial, government and high-rise buildings, NBN Co need to engage with the body corporate or the building owner (depending on building type) to connect these properties to the NBN.  These types of buildings also require more extensive internal cabling. The Department of Communications and the Arts has produced information to assist building owners and managers to make informed decisions.

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Last updated: 20 June 2018