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Where your phone number is stored

Telstra maintains a secure database of all listed and unlisted public telephone numbers. This is the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND).

People can access any details stored about them in the IPND. You can correct the information if you need to. The Privacy Act and IPND Code allow you to do this.

How to access your details in the IPND

We do not manage the IPND. Telstra manages it on behalf of the telecommunication industry.

To access your details, contact your carriage service provider or check their website to find out how.

They will need to:

  • check your identity and take other steps before giving you the data
  • supply the data within 20 business days of your request
  • provide this information or update your details for free
  • update your record if you tell them it is wrong. To do this, they will need to check certain details and may need extra identification from you.

Find out what details telcos have to add to the IPND.

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