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Choose your phone number

You can ask your telco to give you a specific phone number for your personal use.

You can also buy a custom number for your business. 

Types of phone numbers

There are 6 main types of phone numbers in Australia:

Geographic numbers are mainly for local or landline services. They have 10 digits and start with 1 of the following:

  • 02
  • 03
  • 07
  • 08

Digital mobile numbers are for mobile phone services. They have 10 digits and start with 04.

Local rate numbers have 1 of the following:

  • 10 digits that start with 1300
  • 6 digits that start 13

Freephone numbers have 1 of the following:

  • 10 digits that start with 1800
  • 7 digits that start with 180

Smartnumbers are catchy numbers that make it easier for people to remember a business. Smartnumbers have 1 of the following:

  • 10 digits that start with 1300 and 1800
  • 6 digit numbers that start with 13

Premium rate numbers have 1 of the following:

  • 10 digits, 9 digits or 6 digits that start with 190
  • 6 digits or 8 digits that start with 19

Your telco sets the phone call charges for the service connected to your number.

Register for updates from our numbering system to learn about changes to numbers. For example, when we release the new 05 number prefix for mobile phone services.

You can check which telco has numbers at the Numbering System.

Register of other numbers

The following types of numbers are not allocated through the ACMA’s numbering system:

  • International signalling point codes (ISPCs)
  • Issuer identifier numbers (IINs)
  • Mobile network codes (MNCs)
  • Network colour codes (NCCs)

Applications for these numbers can be made by completing one of the forms below and submitting to

T041 International signalling point codes (Transfer)

T058 Mobile network codes (Application and surrender)

T059 International signalling point codes (Application and


The Register of Other Numbers lists the currently allocated and available numbers for each of these types of numbers.

Choose a personal number

Ask your telco if you want:

  • a specific number to use straight away
  • to reserve a number to use in the future

Your telco does not have to agree to your request.

Buy a custom number

A custom phone number can make it easier for people to remember your business.

Smartnumbers are catchy numbers. They might:

  • be in a pattern, such as 1300 456 789
  • have double digits, such as 1300 222 222

The numbers might even spell a word from the alphabet letters that are on a phone keypad, for example:

  • 13 VETS (13 8387)
  • 1300 FLIGHT (1300 354 448)

Smartnumbers can be:

  • 6-digit numbers starting with 13
  • 10-digit numbers starting with 1300 or 1800

You can buy a smartnumber through our numbering system.

There is a one-off registration charge to buy a smartnumber, on top of the cost of the number. There are no refunds for smartnumbers, make sure you have the right number before you buy.

Smartnumbers are subject to the Annual Numbering Charge.

Once you have a smartnumber, you can ask a telco to connect a service to that number. You should ask about their charges before buying a smartnumber.

We keep a list of people who have successfully bid for smartnumbers in the past. The last auction was on 9 July 2015.

Custom number pricing

The Telecommunications (Numbering Charges) (Allocation Charge) Determination 2015 sets the pricing for custom numbers. It prices the numbers according to how memorable they are.

We keep a list of classifications for smartnumbers (other than standard smartnumbers).



13 number

1300 number

1800 number


Basis of allocation charge

Allocation charge

Allocation charge

Allocation charge


Numeric pattern





Word value





Numeric pattern





Word value





Numeric pattern





Low or no specifically identified numeric pattern or word value





Custom number expiry

If you have bought a custom number (smartnumber), you have rights to use the number as long as it is connected to a phone service.

If your number is not connected to a phone service, you have rights to use the number for 3 years from the last date of the service. After 3 years, the number will be available for someone to buy through our numbering system.

In some cases you can transfer numbers. If someone transferred your smartnumber to you, check whether the number is active or when it will expire.

Help with numbers

For help with numbers, contact numbering system support or call ZOAK Solutions (ZOAK) on 1300 463 580.

ZOAK manages our numbering system on our behalf.

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