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What telcos must tell you

To help you make the choice that’s right for you, telcos have to give you certain information. The Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code tells them what they have to make available.

Telcos have to tell you the terms and conditions, product features, billing, and how they handle complaints.

You can find this information on their website, or you can ask them for a copy.

The details that have to be available to you, free of charge, include:

  • all relevant terms and conditions
  • a summary of each current offer, known as the Critical Information Summary
  • the main features of the product or service, or where you can find information on them
  • the telco's mobile network coverage
  • products and services for people with disability, or where to find this information
  • a way to estimate what you might use, so you can choose a suitable product
  • where you can find out what is in ‘included value’ plans
  • their policy for helping customers in financial hardship
  • their process for handling complaints
  • the ways you can pay and the format of the bill
  • their tools to help you manage your spending
  • information about the costs of international roaming when you use your phone overseas
  • the help and support you can access after you buy a product and how much it costs
  • the name of the manufacturer for any third-party goods
  • an example of their standard form contract and how you can request a copy
  • contracts for offers that have expired, if some customers are on those contracts
  • the name of the network operator, if they are a wholesale provider

For NBN services and plans, the telco has to give you extra information.

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