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Training for cablers

You need to complete an appropriate training course before you can work as a cabler.

Training options

There are several different training pathways to becoming a cabler. These depend on:

  • the type of cabling registration you are seeking (open, restricted or lift registration)
  • any previous cabling experience, relevant industry experience, Australian trade qualifications or overseas qualifications

Pathways to cabling registration enables training organisations, registrars or accredited assessors to choose the most appropriate option.

Find a training provider

The ACMA does not offer or assess training courses.

To find a course, see the list of registered training organisations at TITAB Australia:

Courses generally include:

  • training in the theory and regulations, such as Wiring Rules and health and safety
  • practical or hands-on work experience

After you complete the course, the training organisation will give you a certificate. Then you can apply for cabling registration with a cabling registrar.

Advice about previous experience or training

You may be eligible for recognition of prior learning if you have:

If you are not sure, contact a registered training organisation.

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