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SIP map

Due to technical difficulties, SIP service area datasets are currently not available for viewing on the SIP map. However, service area datasets can be downloaded directly from the SIP register.

You can use the map provided to search an address or suburb to see who the Statutory Infrastructure Provider (SIP) is. The map combines individual SIP areas onto one display tool.

SIP areas

Carriers can enter contracts to install telco network infrastructure in real estate development or building redevelopment project areas.

Once a carrier completes the installation of infrastructure in a project area, the area becomes a ‘nominated service area’ and the carrier is the SIP for that area.

NBN Co is the SIP for all areas in Australia where no other SIP is identified.

Retail service providers with queries about the infrastructure to be provided – or the delivery timeframes in a project area – should contact the developer or the SIP identified.

People buying new properties are strongly encouraged to check with the developer what infrastructure will be available and confirm it will meet their needs.

Giving the ACMA information about areas

Carriers must give us mapping information when they enter contracts to install telco network infrastructure in project areas. They do this by giving us an ‘anticipatory notice’ for the project.

They must also update the mapping information once the infrastructure build is completed and services can be supplied to premises in that area. They do this by giving us a declaration for the area. The ACMA stores the mapping information received from SIPs on

A list of SIPs and the areas where they have started installing – or completed – telco network infrastructure can be found on our SIP register.

How the map works

You can use the SIP map to view project and service areas by searching a suburb or address.

  • The hatched colour areas show where telco network infrastructure is being installed by the carrier. Once the installation is completed, the carrier will be the SIP for this area.
  • The solid colour areas show where telco network infrastructure has been installed by the carrier. The carrier is the SIP for this area.
  • NBN Co is the SIP for the remaining areas of the map not coloured or shaded.

While all areas in Australia have a SIP, there may be other infrastructure providers in some of these areas. Like SIPs, these other providers can assist land developers to meet their telco infrastructure obligations, or help service providers connect customers to broadband services.

The ACMA will update the map as SIPs provide new or updated data.

Rollout areas and boundaries may be subject to change as construction planning is finalised. The estimated completion dates for the rollout of telco infrastructure are noted for project areas where contracts have been signed and construction is underway. The map relies on SIPs providing accurate mapping information.

NBN Co is the SIP for all areas on the map where no other SIP is identified. For information on NBN Co’s service areas please visit its website.

You can view and download the datasets associated with the map from

If you can't see the map below, or if you want to view a full screen version of the map, try visiting NationalMap.

Using the map

The panel on the left-hand side of the map displays which SIP datasets are currently shown on the map and the legend for each SIP. To see who the SIP is for an area, click on ‘Search for locations’ in the map and enter your address, a street name or suburb. If no other SIP is identified for your searched area, then NBN Co is the default SIP for that area.

You can click on a displayed feature (within a coloured region) to view the:

  • name of the carrier/SIP
  • type of service area
  • service or project area identifier
  • type of network infrastructure (e.g. FTTP, FFTN, fixed wireless, satellite)
  • estimated completion date for project areas.

You can also:

  • Zoom manually by moving your mouse pointer over the map and using your mouse wheel to zoom in or out. If you have a touch screen, you can also zoom in and out by pinching or separating two fingers.
  • Pan by clicking and dragging the map to show the region in which you are interested.

You can also view selected SIP areas by de-selecting the white check box next to the SIP name you don't want to see.

Find out more about using the NationalMap.

SIP rules

The SIP rules require NBN Co and other carriers to give all Australians access to a broadband connection via either:

  • fixed line
  • fixed wireless
  • satellite.

SIPs have an obligation to:

  • connect premises
  • supply wholesale broadband services to retail service providers on reasonable request.
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