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Rules for Telstra payphones

Telstra must ensure everyone has reasonable and equal access to payphones. This is a condition of Telstra's licence as the primary Universal Service Provider.

The primary Universal Service Provider must consider the benefit to the community when they:

  • locate a payphone
  • remove the last remaining payphone from a site

These rules are in the Payphone Location Determination.

To help Telstra assess the impact on the community, we developed the Payphone (Assessment of Net Social Benefit) Guidelines. Telstra must use these to consider factors that include:

  • financial and non-financial costs and benefits to all stakeholders
  • broader social impacts

Telstra’s Standard Marketing Plan explains what they must do. It includes:

  • where to locate payphones
  • the criteria to install, remove and maintain payphones

The determination protects payphones and those who use them. It supports the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999.

Complain about a payphone 

To complain about the availability of a payphone or to report a problem, find out who to contact with a payphone issue.

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