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Rules on new mobile phone base stations

There are rules telcos must follow to install mobile phone base stations. 

Who approves base stations

Telcos can only install a new base station, other than low-impact facility, if a local council or planning authority approves it.  


How telcos must consult with people

When a local council or planning authority assesses a telco's plans for a mobile phone base station, they will also ask for people's feedback. You can submit your comments to the council or authority.

Electromagnetic energy of base stations

All mobile phone base stations must stay within the safe limits of electromagnetic energy (EME).

Telcos can only install a mobile phone base station if they can show it will stay in safe limits.

Where to find information on a base station

ACMA list of radio communications licences. The list is being constantly updated. If a telco is installing a new base station, it may not yet be on the list. 

The Radio Frequency National Site Archive. On this website, you can:

  • search for base stations near you
  • find electromagnetic energy reports
  • find community consultation information
  • contact details for the operator
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