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Complain about a mobile phone base station

Telcos must follow the rules in the Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code.  

You can complain to us if you think a telco did not follow the rules in the code.


We do not assess or approve telcos plans for mobile phone base stations.

We also cannot stop telcos that want to:

  • install a base station
  • move a base station

We take some complaints about mobile phone base stations.

Complain to the ACMA

We only consider your complaint if all of the following apply, that is, you:

  • first wrote to the telco to complain
  • followed all of the telco's steps to complain
  • were not satisfied with how the telco handled your complaint
  • believe the telco did not follow the rules set out in Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment code. When you complain to us, you must tell us the exact part or parts of the code that you think they breached.

Fill in The Mobile phone base station deployment code complaint form.

Send it to us at:

Technical Regulation and Carrier Infrastructure Section

Australian Communications and Media Authority

PO Box 13112 Law Courts

Melbourne VIC 8010


What happens next

We consider if the telco has followed the rules in the code. We will tell you if we decide:

  • to investigate
  • not to investigate

If the telco has not followed the rules in the code we can:

  • issue a warning to the telco
  • direct the telco to follow the code in the future

Other types of complaints

Land access complaints

A telco may seek access to your land to install a base station. Under certain conditions, they can do so by issuing you with a notice.

If you have any concerns, you should speak to the telco first about access to your property.

If you cannot resolve your complaint with the telco, talk to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

NBN complaints

You can talk to us about EME and NBN.

For all other NBN issues and complaints contact NBN Co Limited. 

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