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Research program

Our research provides evidence that informs our decisions. It helps us to better understand communications and media markets and the issues that matter to Australians.

Why we undertake research

The ACMA has statutory obligations to report to, and advise, the Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts, as well as to inform industry and the public about telecommunications, radiocommunications, broadcasting and some online services.

Our research program assists in meeting our statutory obligations and supports us to make regulatory decisions informed by evidence. We also undertake research that informs our internal planning and public consultations.

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How we collect research and data

As an expert and independent regulator operating in the public interest, we use research and data as an evidence base for decision-making and to keep us up-to-date on market developments and consumer trends.

We commission independent market research agencies to undertake surveys on how we consume media and communication services, and other related topics.

We gather intelligence and insights to understand the markets we regulate and industry characteristics. We also conduct environmental scanning to identify domestic and international regulatory developments relevant to our remit. Data is sourced through third-party data subscriptions to gain broader insights and help analyse trends.

The data gathered by the ACMA from media and communications industry reporting, and from our monitoring of industry compliance with obligations and rules, is also used to report on the communications industry, including performance.

Planned research projects

2021–22 research projects

What the project will deliver

Unsolicited communications consumer survey

This research will provide insight and understanding into Australians’ views and experiences of unsolicited communications – phone calls, SMS and email. Experiences with consent and phone scams will be explored in detail.

Use of affiliate marketing in online gambling

An examination of existing research on the use of affiliate services for online gambling – websites that advertise, promote or link to online gambling services. This work supports our 2021 compliance priorities and will consider future research opportunities.

Communications and media in Australia series

Based on annual consumer survey data, our ongoing Communications and media in Australia series features a range of snapshots, research reports and interactive reports looking at the Australian communications and media landscape.

Market studies

In-depth studies examining:

  • supply chain developments in the telecommunications sector
  • Australian and overseas deployment of 5G private networks.

Updates to the program may occur as our research requirements evolve in response to changing external and organisational priorities.

Legislative basis for our research

Our research focus helps us to fulfil the regulatory functions in the Australian Communications and Media Authority Act 2005 and legislation related to our telecommunications, radiocommunications, broadcasting and online content functions.

Our research program also helps us to meet our requirements under the Regulatory Performance Guide.

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