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Reports to submit after a trigger event

If a trigger event affects your regional commercial radio licence, you have to report that you comply with the rules.

You must provide us with the following within 90 days of a trigger event:

  • a draft local content plan setting out how you intend to meet the minimum service standards for local news and information
  • a notification about the existing levels of local presence

Approved local content plans are available on the Register of approved local content plans.

Submit your draft local content plans and notification about the existing levels of local presence using the ACMA's online lodgement system.

Comply with the local content plan

You must tell us that you comply with your approved local content plan by 30 September each year.

Submit your compliance report online

Comply with the local presence rules

24 months after the start of the trigger event, you must show you follow the rules for ‘local presence’.

Submit your compliance report online

If you need help

Email or call 1300 850 115 if you need advice about what to do after a trigger event.

To lodge your report online, you need an AUSkey from the Australian Business Register. If you do not have one, register online. If you forget your password, go to forgotten password.

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