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RadComms is the ACMA’s biggest spectrum management event.

Since 2007, RadComms conferences have been bringing together people from government and industry, as well as analysts, researchers, and those interested in spectrum reform and innovation.

Explore current and emerging challenges, hear about major issues and developments, and meet key decision-makers from government and industry at Australia’s leading spectrum management conference.

Cancellation of RadComms 2020

Due to COVID-19, the RadComms 2020 event has been cancelled.

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Get involved: help shape RadComms

Past RadComms conferences have examined the future of broadcasting platforms, space 2.0, new satellite constellations and the imminent deployment of 5G networks.

What topics would you like to explore with us at our next RadComms conference? Drop us a line with your suggestions.

Previous RadComms


RadComms 2018 was held in Sydney from 30–31 October, with the theme of Delivering the future. 


RadComms 2017 was held in Sydney from 1–2 November, with the theme of Spectrum reform—empowering users. 


RadComms 2016 was held in Sydney from 9-10 March, with the theme of Spectrum reform—enabling innovation.


RadComms 2014 was held in Sydney from 10–11 September, with the theme of Spectrum rebooted—taking stock.


RadComms 2013 was held in Sydney from 2–3 October, with the theme of 4G and beyond.


RadComms 2012 was held in Melbourne from 6–7 June, with the theme of Spectrum—beyond broadband.

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