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Online gambling in Australia snapshot

The Online gambling in Australia snapshot examines the prevalence and nature of online gambling in Australia, and how this has changed in recent years. It is part of the Communications and media in Australia series.

The snapshot draws on the findings of the ACMA’s annual consumer survey, which tracks Australian adults’ engagement with communications and media services. The most recent wave of this survey was undertaken in June 2021 – when most of Australia was free of COVID-19 restrictions following the lockdowns of 2020 – and gives us an opportunity to compare online gambling activity at this time to pre-COVID years.

For the first time, more than one in 10 (11%) Australians have reported participating in online gambling at some stage in the previous 6 months, up from 8% in 2020.

The ACMA has also undertaken desktop research into affiliate services promoting online gambling.

About the report 

This report is part of the ACMA research program, which provides evidence to inform our decision-making. 

View information about the methodology used for the report. An accessible data file is available below.

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