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Customer financial hardship in the telco industry: State of play report 2020–21

Some telecommunications customers experience financial hardship. They may need assistance from their telecommunications provider (telco) with arrangements to help them pay their overdue bills.

It is important that telcos have financial hardship arrangements to help these customers in need to:

  • meet their financial obligations
  • stay connected.

Our third State of play report looks at customer financial hardship data provided by the major telcos that offered postpaid services in 2020–21. The report separates financial hardship data for residential and small business customers.

The report is interactive, allowing different views of the information.

Protecting vulnerable telco customers is an ACMA compliance priority for 2021–22.

View the report

View the interactive report: Customer financial hardship in the telco industry: State of play report 2020–21.

Using this report

You may find this report easier to use on a computer. 

To navigate the report, you can click on the buttons on the front page and within the report.

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