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How to spot a dodgy device

Thinking about buying a cordless phone, 2-way radio, wireless modem or other radiocommunications device online or while overseas? These products are all subject to legal requirements to prevent interference. So, STOP, THINK and QUESTION before you buy.

Research the product

Can it be legally used in Australia?

Find reviews from other buyers and make sure it’s not a high-risk item like a mobile repeater, jammer or booster.


Is the deal too good to be true?

If the product is far cheaper than known reputable brands, it may not have been tested to Australian technical standards.


Does it meet Australian regulatory requirements?

Question the seller. Be wary if they don’t adequately address your concerns.

Suss out the seller

Where is the supplier located?

Devices made for overseas markets may use the incorrect frequency in Australia and interfere with important services.


Does the seller look reputable?

Only buy from websites that you know and trust. Check recommendations and feedback from other customers.

Know the consequences

Will you disrupt important communications systems?

Operating an illegal device could block reception in an emergency and put lives at risk.


Will you be out of pocket?

If you buy a dodgy device from overseas, it’s possible that you won’t get your money back.


Fancy a fine or jail time?

There’s a range of penalties if you cause interference – the courts could hit you with a hefty fine or you could even go to prison.


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