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Media interests snapshot

This is a summary of the main interests in major commercial TV and radio networks and associated newspapers.

Click on a company to bring up a map of where it operates and the details of its media operations.

We will update the media interests snapshot and associated maps (the infographics) as required. View recent updates.

Find out more about the snapshot and maps. 

Important information

The snapshot and maps are a guide only. They are not meant to give a full picture of all media interests in Australia.

The snapshot provides an overview only of the main interests in major TV and radio networks and related newspapers. The Broadcasting Services Act 1992 tells us how we define these companies.

This does not show shareholding interests under 5%, or all companies in a corporate chain.

The information comes from a variety of public sources. This includes ASX notices, annual reports, company announcements and websites. The associated maps also include the ACMA's views about a person being a 'controller' of media operations.

We have tried to make sure the information shown in the graphics is correct. But because it is complex and often changes, we cannot confirm it will always be accurate or up to date. 

The information is not professional or legal advice. You should make your own enquiries and use your own judgement about the facts.

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