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Media control registers

We keep registers with information about the control of media operations. We also have related databases and reports to help industry and the public.

Media ownership and control registers

Control registers table

Media control database

This is the most complete database on who controls media operations in Australia. It has information from the Register of controlled media groups, details on ungrouped or independently owned media operations and a guide to the number of points in each radio licence area.

It also lists commercial TV services that pass the shared content test. You can search the database for media operations by:

  • state or territory
  • radio licence area
  • controller
  • network
  • commercial television or radio broadcasting licence
  • associated newspaper

Search results can be:

  • viewed on screen
  • printed
  • exported to a PDF document

Learn more about media diversity rules.

Register of controlled media groups

The RCMG includes registered media groups and controllers of media operations in commercial radio broadcasting licence areas. We maintain this under section 61AU of the BSA. You can search by radio licence area for:

  • registered media groups
  • controllers of media operations that form registered media groups

Associated newspaper register

Shows newspapers ‘associated’ with commercial radio or TV broadcasting licence areas. We maintain this under section 59 of the BSA.

Find out more about this register.

Register of approvals and notices under part 5 of the BSA

A register of approvals and notices the ACMA has issued. We maintain it under section 75 of the BSA for:
  • temporary approvals of breaches given under s67 of the BSA
  • extensions of temporary approvals under s68 of the BSA
  • notices issued under s70 of the BSA
  • extensions of s70 notices granted under s71 of the BSA
  • recent control notifications

Recent control notifications

Has details of change of control notifications received since 10 July 2015. Licensees and publishers provide notifications to us under division 6 of the BSA (section 63). We maintain this report under section 75 of the BSA.

Further information on controllers is available in the media control database.

Register of Foreign Owners of Media Assets

Lists 'foreign' stakeholders in Australian media assets, as defined in the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975. Details foreign persons with interests of 2.5% or more in an Australian media company.

Foreign stakeholders provide notifications to the ACMA under Division 10A of the BSA. We maintain the public register under section 4D of the BSA.

Feedback or queries on broadcasting registers

If you have feedback, an enquiry, or want an accessible version of the database or registers, please email

For information on the Register of Foreign Owners of Media Assets, please email

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