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Give up your licence

If you don’t need your radio licence, you can give it up. We may refund part of your licence fee. 

Reasons to give up your licence

There are many reasons why you might give up your radio licence.

For example, you:

  • don’t use the equipment anymore
  • would like to change to a different apparatus licence 

If you decide to give up your licence, you can tell us:

  • in a written request by email
  • by completing the surrender box on the licence validation notice

Tell us that you want to give up your licence

Refunds for licence fees

If you are entitled to a refund, we will send it automatically.

We issue refunds by cheque or EFT, if you have given us your EFT details.

We can only refund the:

  • part of the licence fee that is not an admin fee
  • amount of time left on your licence from when you cancel it to when it was due for renewal

We do not refund amounts less than $41.

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