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Devices we prohibit

It is illegal to use, supply or have a mobile phone or GPS jammer or booster in Australia.

There are penalties if you break the rules.

We prohibit the following devices:

  • mobile phone jammers
  • GPS jammers 
  • mobile phone boosters.

Mobile phone jammers

You are not allowed to use, supply or have a mobile phone jammer. Mobile phone jammers are also known as public mobile telecommunications service (PMTS) jammers.

These devices block or interfere with mobile phone signals. They can:

  • block access for people calling emergency services
  • emit harmful levels of radiation
  • interfere with other radio services
  • aid criminal and terrorist activities.

View the rules for mobile phone jammers in the PMTS Jamming Devices Declaration.

GPS jammers

You are not allowed to use, supply or own a GPS jammer. GPS jammers are also know as radio navigation satellite service (RNSS) jammers. 

These devices disrupt satellite navigation systems such as global positioning system (GPS) signals. They can:

  • disrupt navigation systems that the police, ambulance and fire services use
  • pose a risk to other radio communication services.

View the rules for prohibiting RNSS jammers in the RNSS Jamming Devices Declaration.

Mobile phone boosters

A mobile phone booster boosts the signal of one phone. You are not allowed to own, use or supply a mobile phone booster as they can: 

  • interfere with mobile networks signals
  • weaken network performance for other users.

View the rules for prohibiting mobile phone boosters in the Prohibition of Mobile Phone Boosters Declaration.


Penalties for breaching the rules can be a fine of up to $1.375 million or up to 5 years in prison.

Report a prohibited device

If you are aware of anyone having these prohibited devices, you can:  

  • call the ACMA's customer service centre on 1300 850 115
  • email us at
  • write to us at

Australian Communications and Media Authority
Attn: Monitoring and Compliance Section
PO Box 13112 Law Courts
Melbourne VIC 8010

  • when you contact us, tell us if you are experiencing any interference
  • the location of the banned device
  • any information about the person who has the device
  • your contact details.
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