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Extending spectrum availability for LPON services - IFC 20/2022

We are seeking comments on extending spectrum availability for low power open narrowcasting (LPON) services.

Consultation number
Closing in 13 days (20 July 2022)
In progress
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    Consultation opens

    16 Jun 2022
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    Consultation closes

    20 Jul 2022

Key documents

The issue

Low power open narrowcasting (LPON) services are broadcasting services whose reception is limited in some way.

To license LPON services, we must determine that radiofrequency spectrum is available. We do this under section 34 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

The current section 34 determination expires on 31 December 2025.

Our consultation paper seeks your comments on the following 4 questions:

  1. Are there any alternative broadcasting and non-broadcasting uses of the sub-band spectrum (87.5–88.0 MHz) that we should be aware of?
  2. Should we make a new section 34 determination for LPON services later this year to extend the availability of spectrum for LPON services beyond 31 December 2025?
  3. What would be an appropriate duration for the determination?
  4. How often should we conduct periodic reviews on spectrum availability for LPON services?

Have your say

We welcome comments from stakeholders on the questions in our consultation paper.

Publication of submissions

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