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We work closely with industry, government, researchers and members of the public.

We host and take part in a range of committees to ensure we consult extensively with representatives of industry, consumers, government and academia.

Consumer Consultative Forum

The Consumer Consultative Forum (CCF) is our key telco consumer advisory group. Find out more about its membership and terms of reference

Digital Radio Planning Committee

The ACMA chairs the Digital Radio Planning Committee for Regional Australia. Find out more about its membership and background.

Numbering Advisory Committee

The ACMA chairs the Numbering Advisory Committee. It assists us with telephone numbering issues, including rights of use and porting of numbers, scam reduction activities and numbering matters. Find out more about its membership and terms of reference.

Scam Telecommunications Action Taskforce

The Scam Telecommunications Action Taskforce (STAT) progresses scam reduction initiatives, monitors future developments and informs the ACMA’s anti-scam work. Read about its role and terms of reference.

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