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Client service charter

We have a client service charter that helps us provide quality services to you. It tells you how to contact our customer service centre and how to make a complaint.

Our service charter sets out:

  • how the ACMA can serve you
  • what to expect when you deal with us
  • how you can help us improve

It explains how we respond to your requests. This might be when you are applying for a licence or making a complaint about broadcasting content.

If your concern is outside our responsibilities, we will try to refer you to the right organisation.

About the ACMA

We are responsible for the regulation of broadcasting, radiocommunications, telecommunications and online industries. We work with industry and government, locally and internationally, so that Australians can enjoy the best and most innovative media and communications services.

Our key responsibilities

Our responsibilities include:

  • regulating telecommunications, broadcasting, online industries and datacasting services
  • managing access to radiofrequency spectrum bands and resolving demands for that spectrum through price-based allocation methods
  • planning the availability of segments of radiofrequency spectrum bands used by broadcasting services, and managing access to that spectrum through broadcasting licence arrangements
  • regulating compliance with the relevant legislation, licence conditions, codes of practice, standards, service guarantees and other safeguards
  • exercising powers to create legislative and other instruments, often in the form of standards or service provider rules
  • providing community information to promote informed decisions about communications products and services
  • reporting on communications industry matters
  • advising the government

What you can expect from us

All ACMA staff must comply with the Australian Public Service (APS) values and code of conduct. The APS values require that staff are impartial, committed to service, accountable, respectful and ethical.

We will:

  • treat you with respect and courtesy
  • provide prompt, professional service
  • consult widely when developing and reviewing policy and regulation
  • make informed decisions and advise you of our decisions in a timely manner
  • be accountable for our actions
  • monitor and improve our service

A dedicated Customer Service Centre

ACMA staff will treat you with courtesy and respect and we ask that you treat our staff in the same way.

Our Customer Service Centre provides a single point of contact for enquiries. Our staff aim to respond promptly and fully to your enquiries and, where appropriate, refer you to relevant areas.

The centre is available to answer your enquiries between 9 am and 5 pm AEST each working day.

Telephone: 1300 850 115


Information collection and use

If you give us information, or if we ask you for information, we will collect, store, disclose and use that information in accordance with the law. We will respect your rights to privacy and confidentiality and will deal with your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

Responding to your requests

Information about target time frames for our key activities is outlined below. We will try to ensure your query is resolved within these time frames.

However, if this is not possible, we will:

  • provide a response to let you know our progress
  • review the progress of your query and prioritise its resolution

Your right to a fair and impartial decision

In some circumstances, you also have the right to:

You can complain to the Commonwealth Ombudsman if you are not satisfied with the way we conducted ourselves when we made or reviewed a decision.

Our approach to consultation

In developing and reviewing policy and regulation, we will, as early as possible, consult widely with interested parties.

When undertaking this consultation, we will:

  • provide information about our public consultation processes and guidance on how to make a submission
  • allow reasonable time for you to make a submission—consultations are generally open for 4-6 weeks
  • provide information about the policy or regulatory change and prepare an impact statement if business is affected
  • show receipt of your submission
  • respond to your submission as appropriate

What we ask of you

Before phoning or emailing us, please check whether the information you need is on our website.

When lodging a form, application or complaint with us, please include accurate and complete information.

When paying annual licence fees, take advantage of the ACMA’s credit card online payments via ANZ eGate® at or use electronic funds transfer (EFT) or BPay.

How we are accountable

The ACMA is held accountable through the courts, tribunals, parliament and the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

We report our performance on the ACMA website and in our annual report.

If you are not happy with the ACMA’s service, please contact our Customer Service Centre so we can better understand and address your concerns. We also welcome your feedback on our performance.

Response time frames

The ACMA has a wide range of responsibilities. The table below sets our target response time frames for our activities with a public-facing focus. We aim to act as quickly as possible, noting that if the matter is complex it may take longer. If the service you seek is not listed below, contact our Customer Service Centre by emailing, calling 1300 850 115 or searching our website.

Response timeframes
Activity Action Target time frame
Submissions to a consultation process Acknowledge receipt 5 business days
General enquiries to the Customer Service Centre Process 3 business days
Broadcasting complaints Acknowledge receipt 2 business days
  Finalise investigations 3 months (from commencement of the investigation)
Spam, telemarketing and fax marketing complaints and enquiries Acknowledge receipt Immediate (auto-reply)
  Process 20 business days
Radiocommunications interference complaints Acknowledge receipt 3 business days
  Finalise investigations 2 months
Apparatus licence applications Process 10 business days
Numbering applications Process 10 business days
Carrier licence applications Process 20 business days
Submarine cable permit applications Process

25 business days (if relating to a protection zone)

60 business days (if not)

Captioning exemption orders Process 90 calendar days
Assessing program classifications (C&P programs) Process 60 calendar days
Applications for news media bargaining code registrations Acknowledge receipt Immediate (auto-reply)
  Process 3 months



Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Commonwealth departments and agencies are required to provide people with disabilities with equal access to online information and services.

The ACMA website has been designed to meet government accessibility standards, including those that prescribe access for people with disabilities.

If you’re having trouble accessing information on the website, please call us on 1300 850 115 or email us at

Translating and Interpreting Service

For information in another language, call 131 450 from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call. The Translating and Interpreting Service can call the ACMA on your behalf.

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