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Can we help?

Understand how we can help you and what we can't help with.

We can help with

  • information about content rules and standards for television and radio and advice about how to make a complaint
  • advice on how to stop receiving unwanted marketing texts or emails (spam) and information about how to make a complaint
  • information about gambling advertising rules
  • information on which online gambling services are legal
  • advice about what causes TV and radio reception and interference
  • investigating some types of interference to TV, radio and licensed radiocommunications
  • assist with appeals for when an application for VAST has been rejected
  • radio licences
  • how to comply with product labelling standards
  • advice on the obligations of broadcasters and telecommunication service providers
  • information on how we check cablers and product labelling
  • investigating reports of non-compliance with telecommunications customer cabling and devices requiring the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM).

Things we don't do

  • take complaints about social media or scams
  • fix TV antennas or provide satellite TV access
  • take complaints about phone charges or bills
  • register cablers
  • take complaints about TV or radio ads
  • manage TV reception or outages.

Who can help you?

These organisations may help with some of your questions:

Advertising Standards - if you need to complain about advertising

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman - complain about phone billing or charges

TV and Radio Broadcasters - first point of call for complaints about content or advertising

VAST - to apply for satellite TV access

Do Not Call Register - to add your number to the register

ScamWatch - for information and complaints about scams

Cabling Registrars - train and register cablers

ACCC Australian Competition and Consumer Commission - for complaints about phone and internet services

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