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Broadcaster compliance with TV content standards

All commercial TV licensees must broadcast Australian content as part of their licence.

Each year, broadcasters need to show whether they have met the:

  • Australian content quotas set in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992
  • Australian Content Standard
  • Children’s Television Standards

The standards contain quotas for genre-specific content, including:

  • Australian dramas and documentaries
  • Australian children's drama and other children’s programs
  • Australian preschool programs

We use the information broadcasters give us to create annual compliance reports.

Summary of compliance 2010 to 2019

2019 compliance reports

2019 compliance report – metropolitan networks

2019 compliance report – regional stations

2018 compliance reports

2018 compliance report - metropolitan networks

2018 compliance report - regional stations

2017 compliance reports

2017 compliance report - metropolitan networks

2017 compliance report - regional stations

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