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Bands for broadcasting services

If you have a licence to broadcast, you can operate in the broadcasting services bands.

Broadcasting services bands

Type of service


AM radio

526.5 to 1606.5kHz (inclusive)

FM radio

87.5 to 108MHz (inclusive)

VHF television channel 0

45 to 52MHz (inclusive)

VHF television channels 1 and 2

56 to 70MHz (inclusive)

VHF television channel 3

85 to 92MHz (inclusive)

VHF television channels 4 and 5

94 to 108MHz (inclusive)

VHF television channel 5A

137 to 144MHz (inclusive)

VHF television channels 6 to 12

174 to 230MHz (inclusive)

UHF television channels 27 to 51

520 to 694MHz (inclusive)

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