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Ads for alcohol, tobacco or therapeutic goods

There are rules about when alcohol ads can be shown on TV. There are also rules about alcohol ads on TV and radio, and what they can contain. You cannot air any tobacco ads. You can only air ads for therapeutic goods that meet Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) rules.

Know the rules to follow

TV or radio ads about alcohol cannot target children. They also should not be irresponsible in targeting adults.


The alcohol advertising rules are in the:

Alcohol ads on TV

As a TV broadcaster, you can show alcohol ads on commercial TV and SBS TV between:

  • 12 pm and 3 pm on school days
  • 8:30 pm and 5 am on any day.

You can show alcohol ads during sports programs on public holidays and weekends starting from 6 pm Friday.

Alcohol ads cannot be broadcast:

  • on commercial TV in children's (C) or preschool (P) classified programs at any time
  • in the breaks immediately before or after C or P classified programs
  • on a dedicated subscription children's channel.

Time limits on TV ads

You can broadcast alcohol ads on TV within the total time limits for ads.

See the commercial and SBS TV codes of practice for details.

Alcohol ads on radio

There are no rules about when alcohol ads can be on radio. 

Check the ABAC Responsible Alcohol Marketing Code. The code has rules about alcohol ads on programs aimed at minors.

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