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How To Complete TCA1 Forms - Cabling

The Telecommunications Cabling Advice (TCA1) form is a critical part of the Australian cabling compliance regime. All cablers must understand how and when they need to complete the TCA1 and what to do with the completed form. Read on to learn more.

Using a TCA1 form

You must complete and sign a Telecommunications Cabling Advice (TCA1) form on completion of your cabling job.

When filling out your form you should:

  1. complete all sections of the form

  2. print legibly in black ink

  3. describe your work clearly (specify the type of work and where it is located, for example, room, floor, section, department, building).

A copy of the form must be provided to the customer and your employer (if applicable).

You must keep all copies of your TCA1 forms for at least 12 months and these must be made available to inspectors or auditors from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) on request.

You can make arrangements with your employer (if applicable) to keep your TCA1 forms on your behalf but, ultimately, you are responsible for them.

To avoid additional paperwork, you can incorporate the information of the TCA1 form into an existing invoice or other business documentation.

If you have copies of the TCA1 form that refer to an old version of the Wiring Rules, they must be amended. The certification statement (on the lower right hand side of the form) must read:

'I hereby certify that the cabling work described in this advice complies with the Wiring Rules (AS/CA S009:2013 or its replacement)'.

If you are using your own invoice or other business documentation this statement must be included. This can be done as an optional add-in on your electronic invoice record or even added after printing using a rubber stamp.

When a TCA1 form is not required

You are not required to complete a TCA1 form if:

  1. Your existing invoice or other business documentation contains all the information provided in the TCA1 form. This information must still be available to ACMA inspectors or auditors on request OR

  2. You complete a small cabling job. Jobs not requiring a TCA1 form include:

  • replacement of sockets, detectors (for fire and security alarms) or other monir cabling equipment for maintenance purposes
  • running, transposing and removing jumpers on distribution frames
  • marking, replacing and upgrading cabling records and
  • all testing and transmission measurement activities.

Remember you must still be a registered cabler to complete this type of work.

Using a TCA2 form

Please use the TCA2 form to notify your customer of any non-compliant cable installations that are outside the contracted scope of work.

Download forms

  1. Download the Telecommunications cabling advice form - TCA1 form (PDF 42 kb or Word 329 kb).

  1. Telecommunications cabling advice optional attachment - TCA2 form (PDF 35 kb or Word 322 kb)

Further information

The requirements of using the TCA1 form are specified in the Cabling Provider Rules 2000. These rules are mandated under the Telecommunications Act 1997.

For more information on the TCA1 form or the cabling provider rules contact the ACMA's Technical Regulation Development Section.


Please note: This document is intended as a guide only. For this reason this information should not be relied on as legal advice or regarded as a substitute for legal advice in individual cases.

Last updated: 20 July 2017