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Supplier registration

The fifth step to product compliance involves registration as a ‘responsible supplier’:

Steps to compliance

1. Identify the applicable labelling notice

2. Identify the applicable technical standards (prescribed in the relevant labelling notice) and the testing requirements

3. Demonstrate product compliance
4. Complete a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and maintain compliance records
5. Register as a ‘responsible supplier’
6. Label the product

Before a supplier applies (or causes to apply) a compliance label to a product, the supplier must register on the national database as a ‘responsible supplier’. Registration is renewed annually.

A supplier must provide an address in Australia and the name and contact details of a representative. The ACMA requires this information to identify and contact a supplier when necessary.

If any of the information subsequently changes, the supplier must update the database within 30 days after the change has occurred.

What is the national database?

The national database is an online database. It is used jointly by the ACMA, participating jurisdictions of the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC) and Radio Spectrum Management (New Zealand) for supplier and product registration. For ACMA purposes, product registration is not required.

If registering for ACMA-only purposes, only the ACMA acknowledgement should be marked. A supplier should only select ‘ACMA-only’ registration if their product is not required to meet electrical safety requirements. There is no fee for ACMA-only registration.

A database registration user guide is available under Quick Links on the national database website.

Note: Questions about registration under the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) administered by participating jurisdictions of ERAC—including questions about supplier and product registration fees—should be directed via email at

Do agents need to register?

An agent who has assumed supplier compliance responsibilities under a written agreement with the Australian manufacturer or importer must register on the national database.

An agent of a supplier of a product that is subject to ACMA-only requirements should register as a ‘responsible supplier’.

An agent of a supplier of a product that is subject to both ACMA and EESS requirements should:

  • register as a ‘responsible supplier’ for ACMA purposes
  • register as an ‘authorised representative’ for EESS purposes
  • ensure the first supplier of the product is registered as the supplier of the product for EESS purposes and has nominated the agent as their ‘authorised representative’.

Next step:

When supplier registration (and all other steps) are complete, the supplier can apply a compliance label to the product.

Last updated: 23 October 2017