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Step 3: sign and keep records

Compliance records are documents that show your product complies with our rules.

We may ask for your records as part of an audit or investigation.

Records you need

The records you need depend on your product. They might include a:

If you use an agent, you need an agency agreement.

Check your product's labelling notice for what records you need.

How to keep records

Generally your records:

  • must be in English
  • may be in electronic form
  • may be a copy of the original record

You must keep your records for the number of years we say, after you stop supplying your product in Australia.

Make sure they are available if we ask for them.

Check your product's labelling notice for how to keep records and for how long.

Declaration of conformity

You must not supply your product without signing a declaration of conformity (DoC).

You may create your own format for the DoC, but it must include all of the information in our current version of Declaration of Conformity (Form C02).

Your DoC should say that your product complies with the ACMA standard.

You may only use a DoC that an overseas manufacturer has signed if it:

  • includes all the information in our DoC form
  • says that your product complies with our rules

Whoever signs the DoC must:

  • see the evidence that your product complies with our rules
  • agree that your records show that your product complies with our rules

Test report

When you go through step 2 and test your product, you will get a test report.

A test report must say:

  • what your product is (type, model and batch number)
  • who the tester is
  • how the tester tested your product
  • what the results mean
  • what standards your product complies with

A test report might also include rules for how an installer must install your product.

If you tested your product with an accredited testing body it should show the logo of:

Agency agreement

An agency agreement is a written, signed agreement between a supplier and an agent.

An agreement gives the agent permission to act on behalf of the supplier.

We do not have an agency agreement form. You can create your own.

Your agency agreement must clearly say who is responsible for following our rules, including:

  • checking the rules to follow
  • testing the product
  • signing and keeping records (such as a declaration of conformity)
  • labelling the product
  • updating the records when the product changes

We recommend you seek independent legal advice before signing an agreement. You should fully understand what you are agreeing to.

Be aware: even when you use an agent, you are generally still responsible for following our rules.

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