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Media ownership & control registers

The ACMA maintains several registers relating to the control of media operations under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (the BSA). It also maintains databases and reports to assist industry participants and the public, including the Media control database. This page describes and links to key registers and databases.

Control registers table

Media control database

This is the most comprehensive database on who controls media operations in Australia. It contains information included in the Register of controlled media groups, as well as information about ungrouped or independently owned media operations and a guide to the number of points in each radio licence area. It also identifies commercial television services that pass the shared content test. You can search the database for media operations by:

  • state or territory
  • radio licence area
  • controller
  • network
  • commercial television or commercial radio broadcasting licence
  • associated newspaper.

Entries can be expanded or collapsed, and hyperlinks make it easy to navigate between entries.

Once you locate a controller of a particular media operation, click on the controller’s name to view other media operations they control. Search results can be:

  • viewed on screen
  • printed
  • exported to a PDF document

Further information on the media diversity rules is available.

Register of controlled media groups

The RCMG includes the registered media groups and the controllers of each of the media operations in the groups in all commercial radio broadcasting licence areas. It is maintained by the ACMA under section 61AU of the BSA. You can search by radio licence area for:

  • registered media groups
  • controllers of media operations that form registered media groups.

Associated newspaper register

Associated newspaper register (PDF)

A list of newspapers ‘associated’ with commercial radio or commercial television broadcasting licence areas. This register is maintained by the ACMA in accordance with the requirements of section 59 of the BSA.


Further information on the Register.

Register of approvals and notices under part 5 of the BSA

Register of approvals and notices under part 5 of the BSA (PDF [542 kB])

A register of approvals and notices given under Part 5 is maintained by the ACMA under section 75 of the BSA as a PDF document with details of:

  • temporary approvals of breaches given under section 67 of the BSA
  • extensions of section 67 temporary approvals granted under section 68 of the BSA
  • notices issued under section 70 of the BSA
  • extensions of section 70 notices granted under section 71 of the BSA.

Recent control notifications maintained as part of the register are contained in the ‘Recent control notifications’ report.

Recent control notifications

Recent control notifications (PDF, 1 mb)

This report contains details of change of control notifications for the last six months. The notifications are provided to the ACMA by licensees, publishers and controllers under division 6 of the BSA (sections 62, 63 and 64). This report is maintained in accordance with the requirements of section 75 of the BSA.


Further information on controllers is also available in the Media control database.

Feedback or queries about the broadcasting registers

To provide feedback or make any queries about the Media control database or if you require accessible versions of the broadcasting registers, please email

Last updated: 13 June 2018