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TELLER and myGovID

What is myGovID and why do I need it?

Access to TELLER has changed and AUSKey is no longer used. Access is now only available through the myGovID authentication service.

myGovID is a secure login, along with Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM), that identifies those acting on behalf of businesses when accessing government services provided online.

How do I register for myGovID?

To register for myGovID visit the website or phone them on 1300 287 539.

I have a myGov account, am I set up automatically for myGovID?

myGov and myGovID are different. When accessing government services, such as the TELLER system, myGovID allows you to prove who you are on behalf of a business.

I have myGovID set up, what’s next?

Before you can use your myGovID, it needs to be linked to an Australian Business Number (ABN) in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

Once linked, authorisation is set up for employees and other parties who will be able to then report on behalf of the business.

TELLER is a government service that employees can be authorised for through the one-time tokens provided by myGovID app.

What do we do once we are registered with myGovID and RAM?

You will need to contact our Revenue Assurance team to obtain a one-time token when accessing the TELLER portal using myGovID for the first time. One-time tokens are specific to an authorised contact. Each time a new authorised contact first accesses TELLER, a new token will be required.

To request a one-time token, please contact our Revenue Assurance team on (02) 6219 5355 or  

Do I need my own smart device to use myGovID?

myGovID requires a compatible smart device.

The myGovID app is compatible with most smart devices using either iOS 10 or later on Apple devices and Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later. This excludes devices that use the Android Go operating system, such as Android One.

myGovID uses the security and identification features of your smart device to protect your identity.

myGovID can also be used on a computer.  Only the login step requires a smart device.

Can I use someone else’s myGovID?

No, it is a breach of the myGovID terms and conditions to share your myGovID.

myGovID is unique to each user.

Each user will need to register and obtain their own myGovID.

I am having trouble obtaining a myGovID account what do I do ?

For assistance in obtaining a myGovID or for more information related to myGovID services, visit their website or call on 1300 287 539.

What if my details in the TELLER system are incorrect?

For assistance in obtaining a myGovID or for more information related to myGovID services, visit their website or call on 1300 287 539.

Some fields in the TELLER system are marked red or ‘invalid’?

This means there is a validation error within those fields. You won’t be able to progress until any error has been addressed.

If you are having trouble addressing an error, additional information may be available by clicking on the help button next to the field. Alternatively, please contact the Revenue Assurance team for assistance.

What security measures are used in the TELLER system?

The TELLER system incorporates measures such as secure log-on via myGovID, encoding of information during transfer and storage, and restricted system access ensuring information is managed sensitively.

When logging on via myGovID you must log into the app and the device each time. If you have any questions about the security of your information, please contact our Revenue Assurance team.

Information regarding myGovID’s security can be found at:

I am unable to lodge my Eligible Statutory Declaration (ESD) or Eligible Revenue Return (ERR) through TELLER, what should I do?

If you are unable to lodge your ESD or ERR, please contact our Revenue Assurance team:

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