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  1. Check the phone number rules to follow

    Check the phone number rules to follow … allocating, transferring or surrendering a phone number porting a number giving information to … Public Number Database Code Mobile Number Portability Code Local Number Portability Code …

  2. Port a customer's phone number

    Port a customer's phone number As a … for porting numbers. The Telecommunications (Mobile Number Pre-Porting Additional Identity Verification) … The Mobile Number Portability Code  sets out the procedures for porting a …

  3. Register of telco industry codes and standards

    … phone calls, texts and emails Inbound Number Portability C657:2015 carriers CSPs … carrier network Integrated Public Number Database C555:2020 Carriers (including …

  4. Action on telco consumer protections: October to December 2020

    … We revised the NBN consumer experience rules to expand the number of protections and make the rules clearer and more … Protecting telco customers We sent notices to a number of telcos to collect information about their … Industry Ombudsman (TIO) scheme (2) local number portability obligations in the Telecommunications Numbering …

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