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Resources for consumer groups

Use these resources to raise awareness about how telco customers having difficulty with their bills can get help.


These 2 A3-sized posters raise awareness of what telco customers can do when in financial difficulty and can’t pay their bill, or are about to be disconnected.


Social media resources

The following resources are available for you to use on your social media.


These 12 images highlight issues that customers in financial hardship may be facing.


These 2 animations explain that whatever the reason for financial hardship, customers can ask their telco for help.

Infographic-style images

These 2 infographic-style images note some factors that can contribute to financial hardship and how telco customers can get help.

How to use these resources

You are welcome to use these resources as hard copy or as digital assets for social media, newsletters or web content. Use of these materials falls under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence.


You can print the posters using an A3 office printer, or for the best results, use a local commercial printing company.

Use the main pdf files to print using an A3 office printer. We recommend using the following paper:

  • A3
  • 150 gsm (or minimum 120 gsm) ‘digital’ paper
  • white, with satin, silk or gloss finish.

Use the pdfs in the ‘Professional printing’ folder to send to a commercial printing company. These pdfs include crop marks and bleed. We recommend using the following specifications:

  • ink: full colour (CMYK)
  • size: A3
  • stock: 150 gsm white with satin or silk finish.



Get in touch

If you have any feedback about these resources or need to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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