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Regional Broadband Scheme reporting portal

Instructions and access to the portal for carrier submissions.

Carriers need to use the RBS reporting portal to meet reporting obligations under section 100 of the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999 and the RBS Charge.

Reporting due date:

The first report, which will cover the 6 months from 1 January to 30 June 2021, is due by 31 October 2021.

Initial set-up: before you start your report

Before you can access the portal, you need to register for a MyGovID and get a one-time token – read these guidelines to find out how.

You’ll also need to complete Form B01: Authorised contact registration and the RBS statutory declaration. These forms are available at the bottom of the page. You’ll need to upload them to the portal when you submit your report.


Submitting your report: accessing the portal and instructions

Below are quick steps, which will be helpful for carriers with simple reports. You can also refer to our detailed instructions.

By clicking the button below to log in to the RBS reporting portal, you are agreeing to the RBS portal Terms and Conditions for use

Any questions in the portal marked with a red asterisk * are mandatory and must be answered.

You can save your progress at any time by clicking the save button:


Access ACMA RBS reporting portal

1. Log in to the RBS portal and check carrier information

Log in to the portal by selecting the ‘Access ACMA RBS Reporting Portal’ button above. You’ll be redirected to the myGovID authentication page, where you’ll receive instructions.

Image 1

Once you are logged in to the portal, check the auto-populated details on the ‘Carrier information’ page are correct.

Image 2

If you find any errors, please contact the RBS team as soon as possible at or +61 2 6219 5355.

2. Complete the form

After you have checked the details are correct in the ‘Carrier Information’ page, the next page asks about the carrier’s circumstances, including those of its associates, and any nominated carrier declarations it may have.

Image 3

The answers to these questions will ensure the appropriate reporting table is displayed in the portal.

Depending on the circumstances of the carrier, you may need details of:

  • nominated carriers
  • number of premises they have
  • associates of the carrier and the details of their relationship with the carrier
  • the type of concession that the carrier is eligible for.

We may request evidence of eligibility for any concession that is claimed by the carrier.

For more information on how to answer these questions or how to report on premises and concessions under the legislation, see the RBS overview page.

Image 4
Image 5

3. Upload supporting information

Once the carrier details have been entered, as well as the numbers of premises and concessions claimed, you will need to complete and upload the statutory declaration (available at the bottom of this page) and any other supporting documentation that provides evidence of the numbers of premises reported or eligibility of concessions.

Image 6

4. Submit the form

Before you submit, you’ll have the option to save your answers if you have not completed the form. You’ll be able to access this file next time you log in to the portal.

Image 7

Once you submit your report, you’ll receive an acknowledgement email with a reference for the submission and a copy of the information entered into the portal.

Need help?

  • Check the full instructions.
  • Read the RBS overview page for information on how to answer these questions or how to report on premises and concessions under the legislation.
  • For errors in your form or advice, contact the RBS team at or +61 2 6219 5355.


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