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Unsolicited communications in Australia: Consumer experience research 2021

This interactive report highlights Australian consumers’ experience of unsolicited communications in 2021.

View the Unsolicited communications in Australia report.

The research explores the incidence, type, impact and management of unsolicited communications. It examines the different forms of unsolicited contact (calls, emails and texts) and how they occur, including scams.

We looked at the impact of unsolicited communications, and how they negatively affect many Australians. They undermine confidence in our telecommunications networks and legitimate marketing practices.

We also explored consumers’ experience of, and expectations about, consent to receive marketing communications.

About the research

This research is part of the ACMA research program, which provides evidence to inform our decision-making. The findings will help us to deliver regulatory, education, and compliance and enforcement activities. Protecting telco customers is an ACMA compliance priority.

Fieldwork was conducted between July and August 2021.

Accessing the data

Download the research questionnaire and accessibility file for the interactive report below.

If you're having trouble viewing the interactive report, please try a different web browser or contact us.

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