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Action on interactive gambling: July to September 2020

We looked into 125 enquiries and complaints

We completed 64 investigations into 120 gambling sites

We found 113 breaches of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA)

We issued 6 formal warnings

We referred 84 websites to internet service providers for blocking

Enquiries and complaints

Of the 125 enquiries and complaints we received, 107 (86%) were valid complaints that we could investigate under the IGA.

Figure 1

Make a complaint about a service you think is illegal.


We completed 64 investigations that involved 120 gambling sites. We found one or more breaches of the IGA in 59 investigations. There were 113 findings of breaches:

  • 107 for providing a prohibited interactive gambling service to Australian customers
  • 6 for providing an unlicensed regulated interactive gambling service to Australian customers.

Types of breaches

Figure 2

Learn more about protecting yourself from illegal gaming and wagering services.

Enforcement action



Formal warnings issued

  • Direx N.V.
  • Direx Limited  
  • Mark Mayer
  • Cerberlot N.V.
  • Audeo N.V.
  • Merus UK Ltd  


Websites referred to internet service providers for blocking


URLs reported to family-friendly filter providers


Our role

We raise awareness of the IGA and make sure people are following it. To do this, we work with many different bodies. These include:

  • international and national regulators
  • licensing authorities
  • service providers
  • sporting and racing bodies
  • other federal government agencies.

Website blocking

We have continued website blocking of services found to be in breach of the IGA.

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