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Artificial intelligence in communications and media: Occasional paper

This report explores artificial intelligence (AI) technologies within the communications and media markets, and the challenges and opportunities they bring.

Key highlights

  • AI is increasingly a part of our lives and is anticipated to further transform products and services in communications and media markets, with benefits including improved efficiency and quality of services through faster and more accurate decision-making.
  • Domestic and international regulatory frameworks are evolving to support the safe and ethical deployment of AI technologies and address new challenges and risks.
  • The ACMA has measures in place to respond to sectoral challenges where AI plays a role, including monitoring technological solutions to reduce the severity of scams, overseeing digital platforms’ development of voluntary codes to counter misinformation, and undertaking research into consumers’ experience.

This occasional paper was informed by targeted consultations with a range of stakeholders, including government agencies, industry and the ACMA’s Consumer Consultative Forum. Our November 2019 discussion paper and the submissions we received are also available here.

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