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Action on spam and telemarketing: July to September 2019

Key actions

We formally warned the SA Liberal Party for robocalls outside permitted times

We finished 8 investigations

We sent 1,007 alerts to businesses about compliance

We have 2 entities before the Federal Court for alleged illegal telemarketing

Our priorities

Illegal solar telemarketing and lead generation are priorities this year. We have multiple investigations underway and solar businesses are on notice that they must comply. Positively, we are starting to see a drop in consumer complaints.

View all our current compliance priorities.

Combating scams

We will soon be finalising our Scam Technology Project following consultation. We expect to report on initiatives to reduce scams before the end of the year.

We issue regular scam alerts through social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

Investigations and enforcement

View our investigations into spam and telemarketing.

We finished 8 investigations this quarter and have 12 investigations in progress.  We take around 4 months on average to complete an investigation.

Find out more about our role in compliance and enforcement and the penalties for breaking the rules.

Finished investigations

Compliance alerts


Consumer complaints inform our actions and help us identify issues and trends.

  • 30.5% of telemarketing and 21.4% of spam complaints were about scams
  • the most common complaints were about solar, financial services and utilities
  • 36% of complaints about telemarketing did not contain enough info to identify the caller

More information

Find out more about spam and telemarketing rules and what actions you can take.

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Access the data

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