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Public interest disclosure

By law, we must respond if a public official says we have done something wrong.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (the PID Act) provides for the reporting and investigation of allegations of serious wrongdoing in the Commonwealth public sector.

The PID Act:

  • removes barriers that prevent people who work in the public sector from speaking up about serious problems that impact on public administration
  • ensures that reports of wrongdoing are properly investigated and dealt with
  • offers protection and support to public officials (whistleblowers) who report allegations of wrongdoing

Disclosures are about matters where investigation and correction are in the public interest. This does not include disagreements with government policy or expenditure.

Authorised officers

Public interest disclosures can be made in person or in writing. We have appointed Authorised Officers to receive public interest disclosures. Initial contact with these officers can be made via email to: or

Mail: PID Authorised Officer, PO Box 78, Belconnen, ACT 2616

If there is someone who you do not wish to make the disclosure to, you should include this information in your correspondence.

More information

For more information, including how to make a Public Interest Disclosure, consult the Commonwealth Ombudsman website.

Read our procedures for dealing with public interest disclosures.

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