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Protect yourself from unwanted calls and faxes

To reduce phone calls you don’t want from people selling or offering goods and services, sign up to the Do Not Call Register. We manage this free service.

How the Do Not Call Register works

The Do Not Call Register is like a ‘do not disturb’ sign that reduces telemarketing. It is quick and easy to add your:

  • home phone number
  • personal mobile phone number
  • fax number

You cannot add a business phone number to the Do Not Call Register.

Register online or call 1300 792 958. We manage this service for the Australian Government.

After your number has been on the register for 30 days, telemarketers can only call you:

  • if you have given permission
  • if they are exempt

Even if you give a company permission to call you, you can tell them at any time if you want to withdraw that permission.

What is telemarketing

Telemarketing is any call where the caller aims to sell, advertise or promote goods or services.

What isn't telemarketing?

If a caller is not trying to sell, promote or advertise something to you, it is not telemarketing. For example, they may call about:

  • the collection of a debt
  • an appointment reminder
  • a fault with a product or service

Research or survey calls are not telemarketing. They must still follow the other rules that protect you (see below).

Calls you might receive

If your numbers are on the Do Not Call Register, you may still receive telemarketing calls and faxes from exempt organisations, such as:

  • government organisations or agencies
  • registered charities
  • educational institutions where you are or were a student
  • registered political parties
  • members of parliament
  • people standing as a candidate in an election

They must still follow the other rules that protect you (see below).

Rules that protect you

All telemarketers and research callers have to follow additional rules, even where they are allowed to call numbers on the Do Not Call Register.

Even if the company or person is exempt, they must:

  • only call you at certain times of the day
  • tell you their name, the name of their employer and (if they are calling for someone else), their name as well
  • tell you why they are calling
  • end the call if you ask them to or indicate you do not want to continue
  • have caller ID displaying a return number for you to use to get more information

When telemarketers and researchers can call

Type of call

Monday to Friday



Telemarketing calls

9am to 8pm

9am to 5pm

not allowed

Research calls

9am to 8.30pm

9am to 5pm

9am to 5pm


They must not call on national public holidays.

Complain about a telemarketing call or fax

When your number is on the Do Not Call Register, you can complain:

  • if you receive a telemarketing call and did not give permission
  • if you think a company has broken any of the other rules


We make sure companies follow the rules. If the issue is serious or ongoing we may investigate and take action.

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