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News media bargaining code

Overview of the code, including our role.

About the code

The News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code is a mandatory code to help support the sustainability of public interest journalism in Australia.

It will do this by addressing bargaining power imbalances between digital platforms and Australian news businesses.

The code enables eligible news businesses to bargain individually or collectively with digital platforms over payment for the inclusion of news on the platforms and services.

Our role

We have 3 roles under the code:

  • assess the eligibility of news businesses who want to participate in the code
  • appoint mediators to assist bargaining parties
  • register and appoint arbitrators if bargaining parties cannot agree on the make-up of an arbitration panel.

Participation in the code

Digital platforms must participate in the code if the Treasurer makes a determination specifying that the code applies to them. The determination process is detailed in section 52E of the code.

To date, no digital platform has been designated to participate in the code, however, eligible corporations that operate news businesses can apply to ACMA for registration.

Apply to register a news business

Applications are open to corporations that operate or control a news business. To be registered under the code, applicants will have to meet a series of eligibility tests.

Guidelines on the information you need to provide in your application are available below. Please read the guidelines carefully before you apply.

The application form must be completed and submitted by an authorised representative of the applicant corporation. As a security measure, the authorised representative will need to use myGovID to access the application portal.

For more information about using myGovID, and to apply, go to the application page.

Register of news businesses

We will publish details of all eligible news businesses on an online register. The register will include the registered news sources and nominated point of contact for each registered news business.

Mediation and arbitration

We will appoint mediators to assist with negotiations between registered news business corporations and designated digital platform corporations.

We will also appoint arbitrators in certain circumstances.

Find out about more about mediation and arbitration, under the code, including how to apply.

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