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Register of eligible news businesses

News businesses registered under the news media bargaining code.

Contact us on if you have any questions about the register.

Adding or removing news sources

To add or remove a news source from a registered news business, please email us at

Notifying the ACMA of loss of eligibility

Under the code, registered news business corporations must inform us as soon as practicable in the following circumstances:

  • a news source registered to their news business no longer meets the content, Australian audience or professional standards test
  • the registered news business corporation no longer meets the revenue test
  • the registered news business corporation no longer operates or controls each news source registered to the news business.

To inform the ACMA of a loss of eligibility, or to discuss any change in circumstances, please email us at

Failure to notify the ACMA is subject to a civil penalty. For more information, please see the ACMA guidelines.

Changes to the point of contact

To notify us of any changes to the nominated point of contact, please email us at

Please note that registered news businesses are subject to obligations relating to communications from responsible digital platform corporations, as set out in section 52Z of the code.

Register of eligible news businesses

The register will be progressively populated as news businesses are registered by the ACMA.

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