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List of transmitters with a licence to broadcast

We regulate all broadcasting transmitters in Australia. We provide public access to data about licensed broadcasting transmitters.

Broadcast transmitter data files

18 January 2024


We try to ensure this information is accurate but it may contain some errors.

You may see a difference between a transmitter's location in our list and in other spatial data. This is usually due to limitations in:

  • how accurate the acquisition can be
  • presentation of the spatial data

If you see any errors or have suggestions about fields and formatting that may improve the data, email

This is available in 2 ways:

  • Broadcast transmitter data files
  • List of licensed transmitters (the Radio and TV broadcasting stations book)

If a record exists, it means there is a transmitter licence for the service. This does not guarantee that the transmitter is operating.

Radio and TV broadcasting stations

The broadcasting book lists all licensed TV and radio transmitters operating in the broadcasting services bands.

Information on individual transmitters includes:

  • station call sign
  • channel/frequency
  • service area
  • purpose
  • pattern
  • power
  • licence number

We update this information quarterly and publish it in PDF format.

Download the January 2024 Radio and Television Broadcasting Stations Book (Internet Edition)

Or download by section:

Television Planning Data (xls) contains all licensed and yet-to-be-licensed TV broadcast services plus Licence Area Plans (TLAPs).


Creative Commons

This data is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia Licence. You must attribute ACMA material released under Creative Commons.

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