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Fixed licence

A fixed licence is for radiocommunications equipment that stays in one place. There are 10 options for fixed licences

What a fixed licence is for

A fixed licence lets you operate a fixed station. This is a station that stays in the same location.

The station can communicate with:

  • one station at another fixed location (point to point)
  • more than one station at other fixed locations (point to multipoint)

If the licence allows it, the station may communicate with:

  • an aircraft station, but not on an aeronautical frequency
  • a ship station, but not on a maritime frequency
  • a land mobile station, but not on a land mobile frequency

There are 10 options for fixed licences.

The Radiocommunications (Interpretation) Determination 2015 defines fixed licences.

Licence conditions

When you have a fixed licence, you must follow the conditions of your licence.

These include:

These conditions help you communicate safely and without interference.

We will include information you should be aware of under the heading 'advisory notes'.

Call signs

Call signs are a unique series of letters and numbers. They make it easy to identify a station.

We may give you a call sign on request or explain how to create one when we give you a licence. 

You should use your call sign:

  • every time you start to transmit
  • before you transmit in a series
  • when you test

Call sign template for fixed licences


Fixed call sign template (example of a typical call sign: VKA714)


first 2 alpha characters: VH, VI, VJ, VK, VL, VM, VN, VZ, or AX. The third character is the State or Territory where the station is operated, for example: N is New South Wales and Q is Queensland


numeric character 2 to 9


numeric character 0 to 9


We charge fees for apparatus licences.

In some circumstances, you can apply for a licence fee exemption or concession.

Apply for a fixed licence

To apply for a fixed assigned licence, you should contact an accredited person.

They can:

  • assign you a frequency
  • give you a frequency assignment certificate
  • apply for your licence for you

Or you can apply through us.

Transfer a fixed licence

You can apply to:

Get technical details

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